• Academic Curriculum

    Our school education curriculum caters to the current and even future needs of the learners. With that in mind, we strictly follow all the guidelines from the Government of Tamil Nadu while setting up the curriculum. Interaction and intra-action have become prevalent at all levels including the lower school levels. We are in a run to develop future citizens who promote equitable and sustainable development for all sections of society and respect for all.

    Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten

    Classes in pre KG are meant to offer informal education to the children. The system of education in LKG & UKG is based on the Montessori, Kindergarten, Nursery and the play-way methods.

    * Pre Kindergarten – 2 ½ to 3 ½ Years – As on 31st May of the calendar year
    * Lower Kindergarten – 3 ½ to 4 ½ years – As on 31st May of the calendar year
    * Upper Kindergarten – 4 ½ to 5 ½ years – As on 31st May of the calendar year

    Primary & High School

    The School is recognized by the Board of Matriculation Schools, Govt. of Tamil Nadu. For Std I to X, we follow the model of education from Samacheer Kalvi of Tamil Nadu.

    Terminal and annual examinations are conducted to evaluate their acquired knowledge in each level of study before moving to the next. In the higher classes, there are even practical evaluation sessions in addition to written exams.

    Higher Secondary

    We initiated the new batches of classes for higher secondary students by this academic year(2016-2017). We are following the Tamil Nadu State Higher Secondary Syllabus. In this stage, we prepare them on self-conception, communication, situational analysis, relevant social roles, anticipation of challenges, adoption of values, ethics and morals and positive thinking in self-development. We are laying a foundation for the students to prepare them to face the next phase of their life successfully.

    To achieve the objectives stated in the syllabuses of various subjects and classes, our teachers put effort to enable the children to gain appropriate experiences of their subject knowledge in real life. The teachers adopt several strategies for classroom interaction to promote learn with fun and make the whole learning process interesting and engaging. Our strategy is to move away from rote-learning and promote understanding concepts, developing good comprehension and communication skills and to help students learn how to access knowledge independently.

    Notice Board

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    School News

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