• Criteria for Admission and Promotion

    The admission procedure starts with submission of the application form. The student will be intimated about the selection after detailed scrutiny. This follows student registration and payment of fees. The applications will receive priority consideration on a first come first serve basis. Every candidate for the admission must be introduced in person by parent or guardian who will be responsible for his/her conduct, studies and fees. The decision of the principal will be final in matters regarding the admission.

    The Admission forms need to be accompanied by the following:
    – Birth Certificate
    – Transfer Certificate
    – Community Certificate
    – Conduct Certificate
    – Mark Sheet

    Fee Structure

    * School fees are payable at the school office during the office hours on working days.
    * All dues are to be paid before 10th of each month. A late fee of Rs.5/- will be charged for all late payment of fees.
    * Parents are advised to kindly keep the receipts issued to them safe and produce them in proof if needed.
    * Fees of the months April and May should be paid earlier.
    * We have no objection if the parents wish to pay fees for each term or for the whole year together for better convenience.
    * If fees collection is through the bank, it is to be paid on due dates.

    Absence and Withdrawals

    No leave of absence is granted for any student except when previous written application from the parents / guardians is provided. Absence from school is not encouraged unless for serious reasons which should be mentioned. If a student needs leave for more than a week, the principal should be informed earlier stating genuine reasons. Repeated absence for more than ten consecutive days may lead to have his / her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted on particular occasions but on payment of fresh admission fee.

    Application for a school leaving certificate shall be provided by the parents / guardians. All dues to the school need to be settled before issuing Leaving Certificate.

    Examination and Promotion

    Mid-term and term tests are conducted during an academic year and reports for the same are issued. The students are permitted to sit for the examination provided the fees have been paid. No re-examinations are conducted for any students despite the reasons for absence. Promotions are granted on behalf of the average of the year’s marks in conjunction with the result of the Annual Examination. The students are supposed to get a minimum of 35% of the marks in each subject to be eligible for annual promotion. If in case any student is certified medically unfit to appear for the promotion examination, the average of the year’s marks will be taken into consideration. The Principal’s decision in the matter of promotion is final. Parents are asked to accept them for the good of their children. They should meet the principal whenever the monthly report is unfavourable. Promotions refused will not be considered.

    Perfect order and discipline should be maintained during examinations and tests. Students found guilty of any malpractice will be subject to stern disciplinary action. A student caught copying or indulging in any other malpractice will not be allowed to sit for the next examination until the principal grants written permission. In such cases, they should bring the parents to the principal to give surety for no future troubles. If a student fails twice in the same class, he/she would be withdrawn along with T.C.

    Notice Board

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    School News

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