• Languages and Subjects


    Std Pre KG to X: Language I -Tamil
    Std Pre KG to X: Language II – English
    Std I to VIII: Language III – Hindi

    Subjects Covered in General

    In the phase of 10 years of study in school, a student is taught on a variety of subject areas which can prove useful in some point of life. We start off with elementary level education in all subjects and finally conclude with application level. In our school, there are faculties proficient in handling all of these subject areas.

    * Tamil
    * English
    * Science
    * Mathematics
    * Social Science
    * Computer Science
    * General Knowledge
    * Hindi
    * Moral Science
    * Physical Education and Training

    As per the revised curriculum for Common School Education, here are the subjects of study class wise.

    Standards I-V: Tamil, English, Mathematics, Environmental Science (I-II), Science (III-V) and Social Science

    Standards VI-X: Tamil, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Physical and Health Education, Computer Education, Art Education, Crafts and Work Education, Value Education, Curricular and Extra-curricular Activities

    Subjects and Goals

    Each subject is included in different class levels with some objectives. Basic linguistic skills in Tamil are developed right from standard 1. Learning English is vital to improve the communication as it is internationally accepted as a medium of conveying a message.

    * The teaching of mathematics enhances the child’s resources to think and reason, to visualise and handle abstractions, to formulate and solve problems.

    * The teaching of science enables children to examine and analyse everyday experiences.

    * Social science teaches the significance of social justice through the study of cultural development over the ages, spread of geographical features over the country’s landscape, essential citizenship characteristics and economic considerations in all the activities.

    * The importance of computer applications in day to day life is on rise all the time and the subject equips the student to be technology ready once they move out of the school.

    Our teachers enable the children to gain appropriate experiences of their subject knowledge in real life. With experiential learning, we prepare the children for later life and career. Teachers of all subjects, especially languages and social science integrate value education into the subject teaching suitably to avoid thrusting of values from outside.

    Depending on the significance of each subject and the phases to be covered, the school authority sets the number of periods or hours of study in each week.

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