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    We recognise the importance of a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom. With the objective of developing the inter-personal skills of the students, we engage them in co-curricular activities. They are encouraged to pursue a wide range of intellectual, sporting and social activities. We provide training and practice sessions in various interesting areas other than the daily academic lessons. All children are encouraged to develop some hobbies.

    We hope to identify the hidden talents of the students and help them to improve in their areas of interests. We arrange sessions of experienced professionals from outside the school to provide training in areas such as

    – Karate
    – Yoga
    – Music
    – Dance

    In order to improve the language of the students, special training is provided for communicative English. Not just students, the teachers of our school are also given training in different areas. The main focus is given for personality and skill development helping them to guide the students well.

    We also encourage students to take part in different competitions such as elocution, debates, science exhibitions, creative writing and the arts. They can be part of different clubs where they can share their ideas, work as a team and contribute something more. We conduct different competitions at our school including the inter-house activities giving them a chance to showcase their skills. This includes quiz competitions, talent show, recitation, and more. Other such occasions are annual functions, youth festivals and inter school competitions.

    Our objective is to make the students excel in different extracurricular activities in addition to being academically brilliant. These activities are particularly good at providing opportunities for students to work in teams, to exercise leadership, and to take the initiative themselves. This make them physically active, and the focus is on getting the student out from behind their desk and making them try new things. These ranges of experiences prepare them better for the future. A school is the first and best place for the students to start developing the inbuilt skills and we offer both hands to contribute to their future. We have allotted special timings for such activities so as not to compromise on the academic education.

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