• Carmel Jyothi Matric Hr. Sec. School celebrated exhibition on 19th Aug 2016. Students from I to XI std participated in exhibition with various models. Everybody knows about the term Exhibition, which mostly related to student and school. Exhibition in schools are conducted mainly to exhibit the talent of students. These are real opportunities for the kids to easily implement the things that they have learn from schools. There are so many reasons for conducting exhibition in schools. Before exhibition, subject teacher’s finds out or choose their best students to exhibits something different to others. While preparing for exhibition, Students are in happy mood in thought of participating and showing their friends a new thing different from others. Exhibition will encourage bright students as well as weak students to learn the concepts in a practical way. It will increase the interaction between students and teachers. A student will get motivated and thereby his learning abilities get enhanced. Students can develop the skills of leadership. Thus, by conducting exhibition in Carmel Jyothi Matric. Hr. Sec. School, we aim to strengthen the student’s knowledge in subject matter and to bring a kind of togetherness among students as well as teachers. ******************

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