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    Just like the theoretical knowledge, every student must be good on the practical side of the acquired knowledge, as well. Understanding its importance, we have advanced lab facilities at our school. All our laboratories are well furnished with latest equipments and meeting all safety requirements. They would be guided well by experienced professionals specialized in the specific subject in each labs. Students can use the opportunity to observe, experiment, analyze and turn-up with logical conclusions. Our laboratories create curiosity among students and persuade them to come up with new ideas and solutions.

    * Math Lab: Students can perform syllabus based activities and projects here. Teachers use this facility to help students understand difficult concepts through play-way method. They use different math tools such as place value kit, spikes, beads and base cards to help understand mathematics better.

    * Science Lab: This includes separate sessions of facilities for physics, chemistry, botany and zoology. The botany labs help students to have a better understanding of the scientific study of plant life. Students can get their several doubts on biological creations and experimentation answered in zoology lab. In physics and chemistry labs, student can spend time on observation, experimentation and demonstration. The practical applications of physics are taught through live demonstrations. The chemical experiments are performed in the most hygienic and safe manner with fire-proof systems.

    * Computer Lab: A well furnished computer lab will have a large number of computer systems for use of the students. The computers are equipped with network access to allow students to explore the internet world. All computers have access to applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and programming in a variety of languages. Students can make use of the variety of specialized educational programs installed in the computers.

    * Language Lab: This lab is equipped to empower students with strong communicative skills by strengthening the listening and speaking skills. The mastery over the English language is a necessary skill to face the competitive world and this lab can contribute well to this goal.

    Students can use the lab facilities during the practical hours as mentioned in the time table. When it comes to real life, practical knowledge sounds a lot better than your theoretical know-how.

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