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    Our school understands the importance of sports in a student’s life and are providing all kind of support for the students here to develop interest in this extracurricular activity. We have a wide playground with all sorts of gaming equipment. The ground is spacious and has met all safety standards to play all kind of games. Students can use the ground during the break hours to try the sport of interest. Students of similar interest can form teams and compete to develop team spirit and sportsmanship. There are professional trainers who are assigned to give training in different sports items such as kabadi. They take effort to identify each student’s area of interest and give specialized training to make the most out of the talents. Specialized coaching facilities are arranged for those interested in athletics.

    There are different sports equipments suiting students of different age groups. For the kindergarten, there are small rides, see-saw, slides, swings and similar interesting items. All the equipments are brought from leading manufacturers to assure the quality and safety. For older students, there are various provisions to play similar sports. There would be competitions organized annually which include house based matches and inter-school competitions. Those interested in indoor sports and good in intellectual thinking can get trained in indoor games such as chess.

    All of the students are advised to maintain discipline while on the playground. While engaged in sports, no students are supposed to cause any trouble to the school belongings. Also they should keep up their moral behaviour and avoid any clashes, pushing or war of words with other students. All of you are supposed to maintain cleanliness and avoid messing up the ground with unwanted stuffs. No students are allowed to use the playground during the class hours, unless you have a special permission from the principal for exceptional cases such as practice session of inter-school sporting event.

    Being active in sports keeps you healthy and energetic throughout your school life and later. This would surely improve your mood helping you focus better on academics, as well. So find your interested sports and spend quality time for getting the better out of it.

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