• Safety and Security

    Our school and staff are devoted to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students. We make sure that they have a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere inside the school premises so that they can concentrate better on the daily lessons. The security procedures are reviewed as needed and periodically throughout the year. We assure you that our school has a quality infrastructure meeting all safety standards and necessary security to safeguard the students.

    Safe building: The school building construction has met all the guidelines to provide safe accommodation. They are situated in serene and green surroundings creating a very conducive leaning atmosphere. All the classes are spacious with all necessary belongings such as benches, desks, cupboard and blackboard. The class rooms have enough ventilators to provide good airflow. We see that natural lighting is available with open space all around the building. And to be more, the building construction has met all fire safety requirements.

    Security guards: During the class hours, the teacher in charge will see to the overall safety and security. There are many security guards within the school premises to take care of the students when they are out of the class rooms. There are watch guards at the entrance of the school to see that no student goes out of the school without prior permission. And they take special care to see that no trespassers enter the school premises.

    Also first aid kits are kept in schools to meet out any eventuality. Emergency telephone numbers and list of persons to be contacted in case of any eventuality are displayed on the notice board and other prominent places in the school premises. The school will take initiative in arranging special lectures on safety awareness from time to time. Emergency Response Mock Drills will be conducted at regular intervals to train the students and school staff in case of emergency. The building is kept free from inflammable and toxic materials. The staircases, exits or escape route adhere to the provisions specified in the guidelines, ensuring quick evacuation or dispersal of children.

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