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    For those students who wish to use the conveyance facility, we provide school buses. Students will be picked up and dropped back at points specified by the school authorities. We have 4 buses running in different routes. There are two trips per bus and we cover most of the areas around Colachel. We take special care to see that well experienced drivers are selected to drive the bus. There would be a student care person to assist them throughout the journey. They make sure that the student is safe while getting in and out of the bus.

    The buses are well conditioned meeting all the safety standards. They are equipped with fire safety systems and emergency exit to make sure that the students are safe at the time of any emergency.

    Those who wish to avail the school transport need to mention the same at the time of admission. This would help us to mark your route well in advance. Depending on the pick and drop spot, a time will be assigned for specific students. All of the students should reach the bus stops on time so that it won’t be an inconvenience for other students. The buses will not wait for more than 5 minutes in a stop under any circumstances. So parents should take responsibility of getting the child ready at the pickup point on the right time.

    If in case, the student’s house is not accessible or if the way to the home is not deemed eligible for transport, they would be picked up from the designated points in the main road. The students are requested to follow all the bus behaviour guidelines. They should keep the head, hands and feet inside the bus during travel. They should sit in the allotted seats without violating the discipline. All students should adhere to the advises of the bus monitor.

    Those who stay nearby or wish to come individually can reach the school along with your parents/guardians. They should make sure that they are punctual and be in school at least 5 minutes before the first bell. Similarly, parents coming to pick the child back should arrive only 5 minutes before the final bell and not before that.

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