• Carmel Jyothi Matric Hr. Sec. School celebrated Language Inauguration day on 8th July 2016 with various programs, and the four group captains submitted their respective booklet and house chart.

    Teaching learning of any subject depends upon its curriculum, Generally , the curriculum for English language teaching is prepared on the basis of developing the four skills, listening speaking, reading and writing. English has occupied a place of importance in the curriculum of our schools, inspite of this great controversy. Day by day, English find its place more imminent. Thompson and Wyatt say, “It is necessary that the Indian people should not only understand English when it is spoken or written, but also that he should be able to speak and write it”.

    The main aim of celebrating language day in schools, is to motivate the students to speak English fluently and accurately, to make their thoughts in English, To develop the ability to understand the native speakers and also be able to respond to them. To enable them to compose their ideas independently and present them in speech and writing. Those who do not speak, write or understand English language they seem to be backward, thus this language has become the language of human progress and prosperity.

    Thus, by celebrating Language Inauguration, Carmel Jyothi Matric. Hr. Sec. School aims to improve the speaking & writing skills of students.


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