Oh! God, all knowledge is in You, bless our studies, enlighten our minds, strengthen our memory, direct our will towards what is right, grant us to seek the truth always and make us truly wise, Amen.


Bless us, Oh! Lord and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from our goodness through Christ our Lord, Amen.

THE PLEDGEIndian Pledge

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and i am proud of it’s rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and to my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well-being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.


Lead kindly light amid the encircling gloomLead Kindly ChristLead thou me on
The night is dark and I am far from home
Lead thou me on
Keep thou my feet, I do not ask to see
The distant scene, one step enough for me
I was not ever thus nor prayed that thou
Shouldest lead me
I loved to choose and see my path but now
Shouldest lead me
I loved the garish day and in spite of fears
Pride ruled my will, remember not past years.


O! Father, we are your childrenHands of GodLet our true light shine
We shall glorify our notion
As also the name of thine
We work and play
To fly our banner high
Night and day
With you, with us nigh
O! Father, we thank you for the day
Dawning bright before us,
O! Father, forgive us all our mistakes
That we know not, all of us. We work….

MOTHER OF CARMELLady of Mount Carmel

Mother of Carmel
Heavenly mother dear
We come to thee singing thy praise
come to thee singing thy praise
Bounty of grace, oh! mother
Grant us the grace from above
Keep us be wise, teach us be nice
Oh! Mary mother of God
Let us be light always shine
Where there is darkness abided
Grant us thy peace
Deep in our minds
Oh! Mary mother of God.


Come Holy Spirit, I need thee,Come Holy SpiritCome sweet spirit, I pray,
Come in thy strength and thy power,
Come in Thine own gentle way.
Come as the wisdom to children,
Come as new sight for the blind,
Come, Lord as strength to my weakness
Take me, soul, body and mind.
Come like a spring in the desert,
Come to the wearied of soul,
Lord, let thy sweet healing power,
Touch me and make me whole.
Come, Lord, as rest to the weary,
Come as a balm for the sore,
Come as the dew to my dryness,
Fill me with joy evermore.

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